Clinic Magori

Wecome on the Clinic Magori Site.

Clinic Magori has been a reference regarding medical providing center in Niamey since 20 years.

The structure is still improving by acquiring more emergency skills and more diagnosis capability (ICU/VIP inpatient rooms, CT Scan, Laboratory, Ultrasound...)

You can find all the expatriates needs: emergency expertise, vaccinology, pediatry, gynecologie, surgery, blood test  at the same time / on the same place ( please call)

Partenerships with International SOS (partner), Vanbreda and GMC reveal the quality of our services.

Adapted pricing if required.

News 2: EEG


Clinic perform now electroencephalograms. 

This review informs the medical team on the neurophysiological brain activity. The EEG allows to measure brain activity with high temporal precision, millisecond by millisecond. This examination allows direct…

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News 1: IRM


Clinical MRI practice now, thanks to the installation of a new machine. 

MRI studies with high accuracy in many organs such as the brain, spine, joints and soft tissue. 

It is very useful when a very fine analysis is needed and that some lesions are not…